Best digital transformation course for high-level retail commerce executives

This is EICOM’s virtual one-week immersion programme that will reveal what really makes a disruptive digital transformation strategy.

Our professors will reflect Digital Transformation Strategies under the consideration of current market requirements.

They will actively engage participants in group exercises and debates to help you to develop your own disruptive transformation strategy.

Your  digital transformation strategy starts here

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25-30 OCTOBER 2021

4 hours of online classes per day, including 45 min break.

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Limited to

20 candidates

Subject to approval and background analysis

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£ 850

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£ 475 Enrollment Fee* + £ 375 Tuition fee.

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Registration closure: 11th October 2021

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A one-week immersion programme that will discuss what makes a disruptive digital transformation strategy. Our professors will reflect Digital Transformation Strategies under consideration of the current market requirements and will engage participants with group exercises and discussions to help them set their own disruptive transformation strategy.

25-30 October 2021

4 hours per day


Live classes

20 seats

Under approval

US$ 2.000 US$ 1.200

Early registration fee: until 10/OCT/21

You will leave this programme with...

A clear understanding of the current digital commerce market environment

The fundamentals of your new Digital Transformation Strategy

Ongoing support from the Alumni Network


Module 1

The organisational structure - The heart of Digital Transformation

- Departmental requirements (Which departments are key to drive DT)
- Merging departments
- Creating new departments
- Talent management (Training, Recruitment)
- Logistics (Supply chain, Sales Channels, Delivery Channels)
- How to implement the new structures effectively
- Business Case Practise

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4h + 45min break

Module 2

Inventing the Future

Find out how to produce innovative products/solutions in a commerce environment full of innovative products.

Part I. Creating an Innovative Digital Culture
Digital Culture and Leadership Definition
- How to create a Digital Culture and how to infuse it throughout the organisation?
- How to communicate ‘Digital Culture’ to all stakeholders
- Training & mentoring programmes
- Business Case

PART II. From idea to reality
- What are the basics to create an innovative product in the most innovative and competitive eCommerce landscape?
- The product management invention framework
- The Amazon Product Management Framework

User iconAngela CearnsClock Icon

4h + 45min break

Module 3

The rise of the ethical consumer

Learn how the new ethical consumers determine the digital commerce market environment and how to reach them on a deeper level.

- The shift in power to the consumer
- The new ‘Sustainable Consumer’
- The new consumer in a digital landscape (transparency of information)
- Understanding your consumers: ZMET Approach
- Case Study (how did company XYZ respond to the shift in power to the consumer)

User iconDr Charles HancockClock Icon

4h + 45min break

Module 4


PART I. Redefining Business Process Management
- How to redefine business processes and how to manage them whilst going through transformation? From traditional process reengineering to intelligent automation.
- Intelligent Automation: a note on RPA and AI towards reinventing Business Process Services.
- Case study: assessing process potential for automation in RPA solutions. Considerations and recommendations when managing an RPA project.

PART II. Understanding The Impact of Technology and People on Business Process Transformation
- Managing process innovation through project management.
- Lean project management and Design Sprint by Google Ventures.
- Technology as a strategic tool for reinventing workflows.
Transforming transformation:
- On leadership and how change management might ease the impact of transformation.
- Redefining process capabilities for an agile enterprise.
- A final note workforce of the future.

User iconAlan M. LernerClock Icon

4h + 45min break

Module 5


- Self Management Customer Care.
- How to maintain a personal service.
- How to maintain quality in aftersales in a digital environment.
- Ticketing system x efficiency.
- Customer care in-store, call centre, customer care hierarchy.

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4h + 45min break


Our courses are taught by global experts, who have vast market experience and are a reference in various areas of digital commerce.


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Participants of this programme will receive a 100% discount to take the Commerce Management Certification exam at any level of their choice.

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To create a disruptive strategy that helps C-level executives to guide their business through the process of digital transformation.

Key Objectives

  • Understand the 'Digital Customer' and their needs
  • Review the current organisational structure of their own business and reflect it against successful organisational structure frameworks
  • Reinvent the customer service within the business
  • Apply a new approach of RGM by reducing trade expenses and using data more efficiently

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This course will guide you in creating your company's digital transformation strategy. Be among the best leaders in the retail market. Learn how to innovate in the commerce environment and gain competitive advantage.

*Please visit our Cancellation Policy to learn more about refunds and cancellations. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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